Circle of Life

circle of life

Isn’t that wheel pretty?  It’s a neat little filing cabinet that I use in my coaching sessions to gauge how balanced someone’s life is.  When you first get this circle that is divided into twelve sections there is no color to it.  Your job is to delve into each category.  Determine what a “full” section would comprise of.  I like to use a scale of 1-10.  1 means that the category is apart of my life but I’m not really doing anything with it right now or it’s in utter chaos.  A 10 would indicate that I’m fully satisfied with that area of my life and it’s getting expressed in healthy ways.  Then I color in each section based on where I feel that I’m at today, right now, currently.  The goal is to have a balanced circle, not a shape that looks like a star.

For example, let’s look at relationships for me right now.  A one would mean that either I feel completely alone or that all of my relationships are in trouble.  A 2 – 4 would mean that there are some good parts but they are still mostly varying degrees of bad.  A 5 would mean that I have some good and some bad relationships or that I’m somewhere satisfied with the relationships that I have now but I recognize there is quite a bit of room for growth.  6-9 would mean that the relationships are mostly good, there are areas to work on, relationships I’d like to grow, or some qualities that need to be attended to.  A 10 would mean that I feel full, I’m getting my needs met while meeting the needs of others, I feel secure in all or most of my relationships, and I recognize that there’s always room to grow but things are running smoothly across the board.

I start with this circle for my coaching because health is not just about nutrition and fitness.  If someone is really struggling in some important areas of their lives it’s going to be hard to maintain a healthy life style.  Stress hormones also make it very difficult for your body to heal itself.  Working towards creating a balanced life while creating healthy habits makes for much faster results and longer lasting health.

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