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I’ll admit, I’m a nerd and this is quite possibly my favorite section (maybe in a tie with creativity).  I love learning new things but knowledge alone is useless, what you do with it is the key here.


I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy learning for the sake of learning.  My oldest son is the same way.  Once I realized, though, that education was useless unless you put what you’ve learned to use and have a plan to turn knowledge to wisdom (applied knowledge) my life really started to take off!

When you are rating this category I don’t want you to think about how much school you have had.  I don’t want you to think about how many books you’ve read or how many degrees you have or don’t have.  I certainly don’t want you to compare yourself to anyone else!

I want you to think about what you’ve learned in life and how you’ve applied it.  Think about your current career and all that you had to learn with that.  If you’re a parent, think about how you started when your first child was born and how much you’ve grown and learned since then.  Think about how different your views on relationships are since you were a teenager and realize you think differently because of what you’ve learned through being in contact with other people.

Once you’ve realized really just how much you’ve learned and utilized up to this point just by living life, I want you to start thinking about all the education you paid for, set aside time for, and worked hard for.  Maybe list the specialty classes you’ve taken, degrees you’ve earned, topics you’ve studied on your own.  Then write next to each item on that list how well you’ve incorporated this new knowledge into your life.  Did you use it for what it was meant for?

I would have an Associate’s Degree in Accounting if you put all my college credits together.  I did that intentionally because I knew I wanted to work for myself.  The actual degree wasn’t important to me, just the knowledge so I could utilize it.  I’ll be honest, I’ve used it more working for other people and catching mistakes in my paycheck then I have yet working for myself.  As my coaching business grows I know I’ll get more use out of it.  The key here was that I still used it despite taking years to start my own business.

Once you see how well you’ve incorporated your intentional learning into your life, ask yourself if there are areas that you could improve upon.  Are there any degrees or classes that you still want to utilize but haven’t?  How could you?  Make a list.  Is there anything that you could learn that would make your life easier or get you closer to your goals?  Make a list.

We use these lists to start coming up with goals that really matter to you in your coaching sessions.  These will be the goals that you are doing for you and not for what society thinks you should be doing or what your dad or your sister thinks you should be doing.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a goal is really yours or something someone you love wants for you.  That’s why the Circle of Life exercise is so important and why I’m taking time to blog about each section.  Creating a life that’s yours makes all the difference in the world!

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