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Let´s talk about relationships!  This is different from Social Life because instead of focusing on outside activities we are going to focus on internal aspects.  You have no control over other people so when you start thinking about your relationships remove all thoughts about what the other people are doing.  It´s very easy to get caught up in a game of: ¨If only he was more…¨  or ¨I behave like this because she…¨  When focusing on your relationships the only thing you can work on is your end.  How you feel.  How you respond to others.  What you are giving and taking.

With that in mind let´s first determine what a 10 would look like for you in this category.  What emotions would you feel around the people you care about?  What would you add to their lives?  What would they add to your life?  How would you help each other grow?  It´s important that even though you can´t control other people, you still know what you´d like to bring into your life through others.  Think about what´s important to you in relationships and give a best case scenario for these important things.  Then, what would it look like if these things were struggling, if they were a 1.  Then think about the top five people you spend your time with.  Not the top five people who are most important to you, we´ll get there.  Right now, just the people you spend your time with.  For many this will mean co-workers.  Rate these people individually.  How does that make you feel?  You have complete control over the people you spend your time with, even if you work with them or they are your family.  If these are low scores, you´ll have to determine what you can do to make changes because remember, you cannot change these people.  Now list the top five people who are most important to you and rate them individually.  How does this make you feel?  What changes could you make in yourself to improve these relationships?  Now look at all your relationships overall.  Generally speaking, rate how you feel your relationships.

What could you be doing differently?  How could you look at situations in a different view?  How could you set a better example of how you´d like the relationships to go?  Are there any people who you need to remove from your life?  Do you feel like you need to attract different people into your life?  How could you do that?

If you struggled with any of these questions or don´t feel like you could honestly answer them to yourself, feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation!

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