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While getting a good rating in social life would seem like it would take you partying and going out all the time, that is fairly far from the truth.  Before we get into the “what” of Social Life, let’s address the “why”.  If you don’t understand why this is important you won’t be able to rate it accurately.

Being social has to do with how you interact with other people.  Humans by nature crave social contact (physical, mental, and emotional).  The human body fails to thrive without an appropriate amount.  What this means is that without an appropriate amount of social contact your body will stop functioning properly.  Your mind will struggle.  Your emotions will become unstable.  Thankfully, being social doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert or that you even have to go out to big events.

So what is being social?  It’s the ability to connect with others on some level.  It means that you feel camaraderie with your co-workers.  You are able to do simple small talk with strangers while standing in line.  You have people who you feel confident you can be vulnerable with and it would be ok.  It doesn’t have to be a bunch of people and you don’t have to be the kind of person who goes out of their way to talk with everyone around them.  You should feel fairly comfortable, though, being around people (even if it’s just one or two at a time) and find joy spending time with people you care about.

Think about your ideal amount of “people” time.  How often would you like to socially hang out with people you care about?  How well do you communicate with others vs how well would you like to?  Think about what kind of social life would recharge your batteries, make you feel connected, and bring joy to your life.  Then rate where you are at today!

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