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This section covers more than just “do you exercise”.  Why is it important though?  Beyond the obvious, we’re meant to move because we’re not plants theory, what does being physically active really do for us?

Looking at the body you’ll see it needs to move.  If we don’t move enough our joints become rigid and ache, our muscles begin tightening up and atrophy, our connective tissue firms up and restricts movement more, our lymph fluid stops flowing and creates edema and a toxic environment, our blood begins to pool in our veins, and the list honestly keeps going when you start looking at secondary effects to our cells and our organs and other systems.

Emotionally and mentally many people will suffer from foggy brains, depression, apathy, anger, feelings of being overwhelmed, and more just from not moving enough.

A major problem with all these side effects is a body in motion remains in motion… and a body at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by another force.  That force is your mind.  Once we become sedentary it becomes increasingly harder and harder to start moving more.  Our body aches, our mind loses motivation, we just can’t imagine getting up and doing something.

So, when evaluating this section there are several things you need to take into consideration.  Look at your every day normal physical activity.  Do you have a sedentary job?  Do you park close or a little further away?  Do you take the stairs or elevator?  Do you drive everywhere or will you walk if it’s close enough?  Then, look at what you do extra for activity.  Do you have a regular workout program?  Do you go for walks?  Do any of your hobbies or recreations involve physical activities?  If you use a step counter do you at least hit 10,000 a day?  Next, how do you feel when you move?  Is your body in pain (for no other specific reason)? Do you feel stiff or are you sluggish to get moving?  Do you get tired quickly?  Is it a big mental strain to be active?  How well do you recover after physical activity?

If this is a section you struggle with message me to set up your free Health Coaching appointment.

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