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Do you jump out of bed every day because you are excited about your work?

Me neither.

I LOVE my work!  Both massage and coaching are true passions of mine and I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t do them.  I’m very lucky to have found a paying job doing what I love.  I didn’t realize that doesn’t happen very often.  So this section can be hard to rate.  Some people feel as long as they don’t hate their job and it provides enough for them to live off of that they rate it a 10.  :-/  Really?  That’s the best you can do for this life?  Work a job you don’t hate making enough to survive?  Really?

So let’s strip away the layers and determine what a 10 in Career would look like.

The easiest question to answer is: Do you hate your job?  If it’s a no, great!  Keep going, if you do hate your job, well, then you know your rating is going to be low and do you really need to evaluate anything else?  Does anything else matter if you dread going into work every day, you come home frustrated and depleted every day?  Is just paying your bills really enough to keep doing what you’re doing?

Next question: Do you like your job?  Yes?  Great!  How much?  What do you like about it specifically?  Now, do you love your job?  If this is a no but you still like your job, you can keep evaluating because a perspective shift may be all that’s needed to change like to love.

Does your job cover your basic expenses?  In other words, are you making enough to make ends meet?  If you find that you are consistently going further and further into debt you need to determine if that’s your spending habits or if you really aren’t making enough.  Ideally, how much money do you want to make a year?  Is this possible at your current job?

Now the $1,000 question: Does your job serve your life purpose?

Wait, what?

What does my career have to do with my life’s purpose?

Really?…  I mean, REALLY?!  You don’t see a connection?  Or maybe you do but you don’t see any feasible way of earning money playing video games… (you can btw).  Is playing video games really your life purpose?  I’m guessing not.  If you aren’t like me and you haven’t spent years working on personal development to find your inner light and figure out what sparks it, then you probably are about ready to tune out this particular blog.  Let me urge you to keep reading though.

Here are three articles that I think will give you a good stepping stone to figuring out something: 1 2   I particularly like #3 but it’s more my style.

My life purpose is to serve.  Not like a slave or a waitress.  I serve to inspire, to motivate, to guide, and to help.  My Love Language is Acts of Service as well.  So, this is how I feel loved (when the serving is reciprocated).  Not everyone’s purpose will line up with their Love Language, I just thought it was neat that mine does.

Your purpose will change and mature over time.  Things will become more clear, your particular “path” (if you will) will be easier to stay on with a greater understanding of living your life’s purpose.  This isn’t a spiritual thing for everyone.  I know plenty of secular people who still feel like they are “really good” at something and that’s their life’s purpose.

Once you understand what you’re really good at, what your passion is, and what your purpose is, evaluate your career and determine if it’s inline with that.  You might be surprised.  Sometimes during this enlightening research and evaluation you begin to see your job in a new light and can approach your job in a new way that gives it more meaning to you and turns “I like my job” into “I love my job”.  Sometimes you realize it’s no where near where you should be and it’s time to find something new.  (which is when having a coach is handy)


There really is a way to find a paying job doing something that serves your passion, makes you enough money, and makes this world a brighter, shinier place for you!

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