Living the Life You Love While Being Healthy


I just recently found out that a beautiful spark of life and dear friend of mine has been taken off cancer treatment and put on Hospice.  She was also my first Health Coaching client several years ago when I first graduated from school.  She’s an amazing person who has had a dramatic impact on my life and has helped me grow tremendously as a person.  So, while I am supposed to be blogging about sugar this week, I decided to pause a moment and remind everyone that our lives are not about always being the best and healthiest.  We have to enjoy them as well.  Creating amazing health really is about feeling better so we can enjoy our lives more.

This is why the Wheel of Life exercise is so important.  It’s so easy to get caught up in our health, professional, or educational goals that we forget to stop and smell the roses.  Taking a comprehensive look at our lives, all areas of them, we can determine where we need to put forth more effort.

In addition to that, this effort we are putting forth, needs to be something that we enjoy.  Don’t eat food you hate “because it’s healthy”.  Don’t do a workout you hate because you get the best results.  You’ll hear me say all the time that I love to hate Focus T25 because it pushes me and I use several swear words throughout the program because it’s really hard.  I; however, love how I feel after accomplishing it.  So the short term discomfort gives me long term gains and makes my life better.  When deciding where to put your efforts, you need to evaluate the difficult things this way.  Are they going to add value to your life?  Will you eventually be able to find more joy?

Sometimes, just sometimes, you also get to just do things you enjoy regardless of your goals.  Actually, you can do this whenever.  I love coffee, with lots of cream and sugar.  I don’t over do it because too much sugar or too much caffeine makes me feel yucky afterwards.  That one cup a day I do enjoy, though, I thoroughly enjoy.  I love the way it tastes, I love the little pick me up it gives me, I love the camaraderie I have with others who are also addicted to coffee.

So while you are doing amazing things while being focused on your goals, don’t forget to live the life you love as well.  Find ways to accomplish your goals while enjoying what you’re doing.


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The Last 100 lbs I'll Ever Lose

I am an LMT and a Health and Fitness Coach. I have 5 children. I've been overweight most of my adult life and am using my journey to help inspire others to take back their lives.

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