4 Months PP (Post Partum) Nursing and Ready to Get Fit!

My Peanut is adorable and quite possibly the easiest baby out of the 5 I have.  She’s impatient with building my milk supply but not intolerable.  I’ve added Fenugreek to my supplementation regimen (I also take prenatal, Vitamin B complex, and fish oil).  I’ve also added Vitamin D3 after reading how important it is for a growing baby to have it for bone density.  The research that I did said if I take 6400 IU a day then she’ll get enough through my breast milk.  I’ve started tracking my water intake to make sure I’m staying hydrated enough to make more milk.  All in all, this seems to be working to build my milk supply in conjunction with nursing her as frequently as possible.  Her ties are being revised in a week and a half (at least one of them will be).  I’m feeling confident now that I can work on getting fit without impacting my milk supply too much.

Here’s my plan:

I had already started all of this last Monday, but then on Wednesday I gave myself a mild concussion.  It’s like being drunk with a hang over for days.  Seriously sucks.  Plus, I can’t workout.  So, a little more tweaking to my plan and back to work at things hopefully on Wednesday (if all my concussion symptoms have subsided).  **I’ve been to Urgent Care, ER, and a sports medicine (ie hands concussions frequently) specialist, it’s being handled.

I’m taking a multifaceted approach with getting fit because if I’ve proved anything these past four months it’s that calories in vs calories out is not all that’s at work here with me.

Nutrition: My main focus for nutrition is to stay hydrated, cut out almost completely processed foods (oatmeal is really helping my supply so that’s staying in the mix), and eating mostly raw.  I’m choosing this method because:

  1. Meat makes me angry.  (literally)
  2. Processed foods make my Borderline Personality Disorder more difficult to manage.
  3. Raw plant food is good for your gut which leads to better moods, better hormone functioning, and better immune system.

Exercise:  This one has to be something I’ll enjoy and there’s actually so many that I want to be doing right now I’m struggling with narrowing it down.  I know for sure that 30 minutes of hula hooping about five days a week is going to happen because I want to become a hula hoop instructor.  I also know that every morning I’m going to be doing yoga from the online streaming program I use.  There is also a Yoga Booty Ballet on that streaming program that my daughter gets rewarded with for not having any points taken away from school (yes I reward my children with “exercise”).  I’m really wanting to work on my strength training but I know I need cardio more at this point so since it’s cooled off enough I’m going to do the Zombie Run App I just downloaded on my phone.  BTW, we can actually be apart of each other’s “community” on the Zombie Run App, so let me know if you have it too!  So yoga in the morning, hula hooping in the afternoon and then either the Yoga Booty Ballet with my older daughter or the Zombie Run App with my middle son (he’s seriously excited about it).  We’re also planning on hiking on Sunday evenings.

I know that’s a lot of exercise stuff but with 5 kids we all have to stay active or we drive each other crazy.  Plus, physical activity is part of the way I manage my BPD.

Relationships/Social Life:  In my personal Circle of Life evaluation these two categories are the most deficient.  Being a coach, massage therapist, and mother I give a lot but I really struggle with receiving.  I start to feel that if I don’t have anything to give then I’m just being a burden.  As you can imagine, that hinders my social life and relationships quite a bit.  In order to not feel guilty about allowing someone else to give to me (time, assistance, what have you) I just avoid having real relationships with anyone other than my kids.  What does this have to do with getting fit?  A lot actually.  With no one else to nurture me I turn to food when I need to feel comforted or when I need to block something out that’s overwhelming me, or when I need to crunch almonds instead of yelling at someone.  I know my patterns and this was one I don’t actually want to face.  I have a lot of negative programming in my head that I’m going to have to face head on and rewrite.  My coach (yes coaches have coaches) has just started toeing around this topic with me because he realized it was a hot button of mine.  I’m going to start with a goal of going out, (without children *gasp*) with a friend once a month.  For those of you who don’t have social anxiety that may seem like no big deal, but trust me, this is huge for me.  I’ve already started building (and re-building) a couple of intimate relationships with friends as well.

Stress Coping:  This is another very important one.  I am currently working on the main issues of stress in my life (I’m talking about almost life altering crushing stress, not the daily stress that everyone has).  While I’m getting things worked out and rewiring my brain so that these situations don’t happen again, I have to learn to handle the stress.  Stress not only makes me stress eat but it also tells my body to hold onto fat, uses up any motivation and willpower I have, and ruins my mood.  My current coping mechanism is Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook.  (Don’t judge me)  I had started doing a Miracle Morning routine and keeping a Bullet Journal but as life happened (having a baby) I became inconsistent with both.  Both of these combined really helps me feel better altogether during the day and keeps me on task so things don’t become overwhelming.  I love crafting and miss doing it.  I need to set aside time to do things that are fun for me (creativity in my Circle of Life).  Let’s go with a goal of finishing a coloring page a week.  I’ll post them on my Instagram account.

Alright, I have a good plan in place.  Can’t wait to share my results with you and the twists and turns of my journey!


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I am an LMT and a Health and Fitness Coach. I have 5 children. I've been overweight most of my adult life and am using my journey to help inspire others to take back their lives.

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