Before You Diet and Exercise

How many times are we going to gain, lose, then gain again the same weight?

How many of you think there has to be some magical combination of foods and exercises that will bring our bodies back into society’s standards of thinness?

What if I told you that before you go all vegan raw and train for a marathon that there are steps you should take to address being over fat.

Having extra large fat cells is actually a sign of dis-ease in either the mind, body, and/or soul.  Eating right and exercising may not actually address what caused you to gain weight in the first place.

One more time for the people in the back: Being overweight is not the disease, it is a sign of the dis-ease in your mind, body, and/or soul.

We’re going to be addressing the steps in detail over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll be doing live feeds on my Facebook page and putting up recordings on my YouTube channel.  Of course I’ll also be blogging about them here as well!

So what am I talking about with all this mind/body/soul stuff?

Many people use eating and life style as a way to cope or compensate for a traumatic experience from the past or one currently happening.  This would fall under the mind.

Some people have underlying physical diseases (thyroid issues for example) that make gaining weight easy and losing weight difficult.  This would fall under the body.

Sometimes there’s blocks in someone’s energy field or they have that empty feeling inside that they try to fill with food.  This would fall under the soul.

Where to begin? That depends on you.  We’ll  go further into these in later posts.  For now, stay hydrated, eat more plant food, do something that gets your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes each day, give and get hugs every day, and get 15 minutes of unfiltered sunlight each day.