Your Foundation

Without a strong foundation it’s hard to create and maintain health.  Inconsistencies, stress, and distractions will continue to get in the way until you address this important step.

What do I mean by foundation?


I’m talking about things that set off your flight or fight instinct.  This can be slightly different for everyone but for the most part we’re talking about a place to live, food to eat, feeling safe, and having a tribe.  Finances are a big part of this; however, we’re focusing more on our environment than money at this point.

Look at your home and your car (if you have one).  How do they make you feel?  Do you feel stressed out if someone else will be entering them?  Do you feel secure that you won’t lose them?  Look for ways to ensure that your home and your car make you feel safe and comfortable.

Where do you buy your food?  How is it prepared? Do you feel better after eating it or does it bring shame and guilt?  We’re not focusing on what to eat yet, just the qualities of our food and how it impacts us.  Eating healthy and vibrant living food (plant matter) will ensure that we have these qualities in our body.  If you splurge on something you feel either you can’t really afford financially or can’t really afford health wise, is the stress it creates in your body really worth it?

Do you live in a safe neighborhood?  Do you feel safe around your coworkers? Do you feel safe as you commute around during the day?  Are there things you can do or put into motion to make you feel safer?

Do you have people you connect emotionally with?  Do you identify with a certain group of people?  Are there people who brighten your day?  Make sure you are active in building a tribe around you and that you continue to add value to the tribe you’re in.

What else in your life creates high amounts of stress for you?  Make a list of these things and then start working on ways to reduce the stress.  Keep in mind that you can only control you.  It’s your reactions, your choices, what you allow things to do to you that creates stress.

All of these things require you to be present in the moment to evaluate how you feel.  One of the best practices to start now, if you aren’t already doing it, is meditation.  Remember that for most meditation there is no “destination”, it’s about the journey.  It’s the process that will give you results.  Stress happens internally when we are thinking of the past or the future.  Leaning to bring yourself into the present moment will reduce the stress you impose on yourself and give you a solid foundation to build health on.