Step 2: Express Your Creativity

Before you start a diet and exercise plan, create something!  Anything.  Lots of things!

Expressing our creativity is vital to our emotional, mental, and physical health.

There are so many ways to express your creativity!  Even if you don’t feel like a creative person.  The obvious path of arts and crafts is definitely not for everyone (though, this is one of my favorites!).  Some people love body art and expressing themselves through their outward appearance.  Some people are great with words, others music, some with home decor!

When all of those ways seem futile to you can creatively express your emotions.  Are you happy?  Put together an assortment of flowers.  Sad?  Make a pot of warm soup. Angry? Go stomp in puddles.  Excited? Call a friend and share your excitement!

How about creativity in your career?  What can you do to make your day to day grind more “you”?  Decorate your office/cubicle.  Change up your voice mail or email signature to match your style.  Tackle a problem with some coworkers and find a creative solution!

What about your sex life?  Whether it’s a solo performance or there’s many actors, there’s a lot of place to express your creativity here!  Find new ways to include all your senses.  When by yourself treat yourself like a date!  Buy some flowers, make yourself an amazing dinner, run a relaxing bath, and woo yourself in bed!

Look at your life, the entirety of it.  Where do you need creativity? What areas do you feel aren’t authentic to you?  Make a list of where you need creativity and then write out at least five ways to express it for each area.  Fill in your activities in your calendar so that you are able to express yourself frequently and consistently.  Next, make a list of creative ways you can express your emotions.  Sort them by emotion and keep them some place easily accessible to you so when you’re having strong emotions you can refer back to your list and choose the most creative way that feels right to you to express that emotion.