Step 7: Live a Life of Joy

Every choice you make either brings you closer to your joy or further away.  You’re either creating a life you love or creating a life you try to escape from.

You can’t always chose or change your situations; however, you can always control how you respond to them and the choices you make.

When you get crystal clear with what you want out of life, what your purpose is, what you’re being called to do; then joy is a natural by product.

Find it.  Create it.  Cultivate it.  Joy.

Your connection to God/Source/The Universe/ The Divine/*Your Word of Choice* is your direct path to joy.  Regardless of your situation, the challenges, the out right crap pile you’re trying to crawl your way out of; your Higher Self/Divine connection is what will make it all worth while.

Your connection to The Divine (my word of choice) will help you determine your purpose and calling.  It will be a like a lighthouse guiding you through the storm.  It’s only when we struggle that we grow but we don’t have to struggle alone.  Our tribe is apart of our Divine Family.  Our Creativity is our expression of our Divine within.  Our Personal Power is the spark of the Divine that drives us to keep moving forward.  Our Center of Love comes from feeling the Divine Love within us.  Our Inner Knowing comes from listening to our Divine Self.  It all came from God and will all return to God.

This final step is about flowing into your Divine Connection to feel your joy in all your endeavors.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel your negative emotions.  Those will always be there.  If you; however, maintain your connection to the Divine you’ll be able to feel those emotions without getting lost in them, understand there is a purpose to it all, and find comfort when all else seems to be falling apart.

Connecting to your Divine can be felt in a church/temple/synagogue, your home, outside, in a body of water, skydiving, in the arms of those you love, anywhere you are as long as you silence your mind and open your heart.

Once you feel it you will never not feel it again.  It is always there.  The more you stay open to it, the more opportunities you’ll have to feel the joy that is life.  Let your Divine connection guide your choices.  Decide to fulfill your purpose.  Follow your calling.  Feel Your joy.


Step 6: Inner Knowledge

Are you ready to move beyond wisdom?

To move your life fully into it’s greatest expression you have to be able to learn to listen to your inner guide.  In step 3 your learned to listen to your gut, the feelings your body gave you to help guide you to where you’re supposed to go.  Now in step 6 you’ll partner those feelings with the inner knowledge that you just know.

We’re talking about knowing that your friend needs you to call her when there’s something wrong that you haven’t learned about, or to turn right instead of going straight and there was an accident on your normal route you didn’t discover until after you got home.  Your inner voice is directing you all the time.  When you learn to tune into it you start to notice synchronicity in your life.  Challenges are averted and solutions to problems become crystal clear.

If you feel like you don’t have even a simple dialog going on with your inner voice there are two simple exercises to get you moving in the right direction.  First, start writing down all the times you made a choice based off of a hunch and that hunch turned out to help you.  Notice I didn’t say the hunch was right.  It won’t always be correct, but it should help you.  Second, keep a dream journal.  Nothing fancy, can be a spiral notebook and a pen by your bedside.  Make sure you write down your dreams before you say anything in the morning.  As soon as you start speaking you start forgetting your dreams.  You want to include as much detail as you can, especially emotions and feelings.  Your subconscious thinks in symbols so don’t take your dreams at face value unless you start to notice that they are coming true as is (some people do have prophetic dreams).  These two exercises will help you tune into your higher guide and learn to listen and look for the help that’s been there all along.

Step 5: Communicate Your Truth

What is your message to the world?  Are you communicating it?

If your answer is no, why not?

Do you speak with integrity?  Do you listen fully with the intent to understand what someone is saying to you, or do you listen for key words so you know roughly how to respond?

Do you sing? Out loud?  With your full heart and soul?

Step 5 is making sure YOU are being expressed.  That your personality, heart, and soul is coming through loud and clear in everything that you do.

If you are filtering yourself (your real self, not your knee jerk emotional self) examine why you feel the need to.  Is there something you need to change within yourself or are you assuming how another person my perceive you?  Take a lesson from  Dr. David Simon, always ask yourself, “Is this true?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?”  If it passes those three questions and you still feel like you need to filter yourself you may be assuming other people’s positions.  Allow yourself the freedom to express your truth, regardless of what others may think, and you may be surprised how well it is received and needed.

You aren’t doing anyone else a favor by holding back.  You are apart of other people’s paths and play an important role in their spiritual development.  What you may feel like you can’t speak may be the very thing that person needs to hear at that exact moment to propel them into greatness!

Share your truth!  Speak what needs to be said.  Listen closely for others to do the same.

Step 4: Where the Physical and Spiritual Meet

This is where the magic begins!  Here is where you learn to flow with love. ❤

Step four is about learning how to live life from a center of love.  While this is one of the most rewarding steps, it can be difficult.  Especially if there is someone who you feel so negative about you physically get sick thinking about them.  (I have one of those and am still working through it, this may take a while)

The love we are talking about here is about acceptance.  It’s about understanding that there are things that are beyond your control and that because you love yourself so much, you will let go and allow things to be as they are.  It’s about compassion for everyone, even the people you don’t believe deserve it.  It’s about forgiveness, for yourself and everyone else.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t learn from your lessons or that you allow others to treat you poorly.  Take the steps you need to protect yourself, but do so with love and understanding.  Understanding that not everyone is in the same place as you and may be learning different lessons than you.

When you feel yourself getting angry or anxious take a step back and evaluate.  What can I change about this situation.  Often times the only thing you can change is how you look at it.  For the things you can’t change look for the good, look for the lesson, look for the growth.  Practice gratitude, even for your struggles.  We only grow and learn when we struggle.

Lastly, work on being of service to others.  You can start with your tribe if that is easier.  Look for others who need assistance, donate your time and efforts before your money.  Hold someone’s hand through a difficult time, till someone’s garden who is getting too old for it, help a new mom clean up her home and watch the baby so she can take a shower, there are many ways to make yourself of service.  If you have children, this is a great family activity to do together.

Living a life centered in love means living a slow down style of life.  It means thinking before you act or speak.  It means making time for others.  It means letting go of things you can’t change.

It means freedom.  Joy.  Happiness.

Step 3: Light Your Personal Power Fire

To kick start your metabolism you need to turn up the heat physically in your body and mentally.

How well do you follow your gut feelings?  Are you confident with your decision making?  How clearly defined are your goals and your plan to reach them?  It’s time to trust yourself and your Higher Self.  Your body knows, look for the answers there.  If you’re working through a decision making process and you feel sick to your stomach over one of the options, that’s not the option for you!  Listen to your gut.  Once you make a decision, stand by it (unless it’s been proven wrong and a much better option has become clear).  Sometimes the decisions we’ve made may not be completely correct but they will lead us to where we need to go.

Define where you want to go, create clear goals, map out a path of action steps to attain those goals, then lace up your shoes and start walking that path!  Take action every day, even if it’s small action, and you’ll keep making progress towards a life you are excited about!

While walking that path towards your goals make sure you are actually getting your heart rate up.  Get physically active doing something you love (or at least don’t mind doing) every day.  Add eating spicy or strongly flavored healthy foods and your internal heat goes up a couple notches at a time, raising your metabolism with it!

Create goals.  Take steps towards those goals daily.  Trust the vibes your body gives you when making decisions.  Stand by your decisions.  Get active with things you enjoy doing.  Eat spicy healthy foods.  Turn up that personal power!