Step 3: Light Your Personal Power Fire

To kick start your metabolism you need to turn up the heat physically in your body and mentally.

How well do you follow your gut feelings?  Are you confident with your decision making?  How clearly defined are your goals and your plan to reach them?  It’s time to trust yourself and your Higher Self.  Your body knows, look for the answers there.  If you’re working through a decision making process and you feel sick to your stomach over one of the options, that’s not the option for you!  Listen to your gut.  Once you make a decision, stand by it (unless it’s been proven wrong and a much better option has become clear).  Sometimes the decisions we’ve made may not be completely correct but they will lead us to where we need to go.

Define where you want to go, create clear goals, map out a path of action steps to attain those goals, then lace up your shoes and start walking that path!  Take action every day, even if it’s small action, and you’ll keep making progress towards a life you are excited about!

While walking that path towards your goals make sure you are actually getting your heart rate up.  Get physically active doing something you love (or at least don’t mind doing) every day.  Add eating spicy or strongly flavored healthy foods and your internal heat goes up a couple notches at a time, raising your metabolism with it!

Create goals.  Take steps towards those goals daily.  Trust the vibes your body gives you when making decisions.  Stand by your decisions.  Get active with things you enjoy doing.  Eat spicy healthy foods.  Turn up that personal power!


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The Last 100 lbs I'll Ever Lose

I am an LMT and a Health and Fitness Coach. I have 5 children. I've been overweight most of my adult life and am using my journey to help inspire others to take back their lives.

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