Step 6: Inner Knowledge

Are you ready to move beyond wisdom?

To move your life fully into it’s greatest expression you have to be able to learn to listen to your inner guide.  In step 3 your learned to listen to your gut, the feelings your body gave you to help guide you to where you’re supposed to go.  Now in step 6 you’ll partner those feelings with the inner knowledge that you just know.

We’re talking about knowing that your friend needs you to call her when there’s something wrong that you haven’t learned about, or to turn right instead of going straight and there was an accident on your normal route you didn’t discover until after you got home.  Your inner voice is directing you all the time.  When you learn to tune into it you start to notice synchronicity in your life.  Challenges are averted and solutions to problems become crystal clear.

If you feel like you don’t have even a simple dialog going on with your inner voice there are two simple exercises to get you moving in the right direction.  First, start writing down all the times you made a choice based off of a hunch and that hunch turned out to help you.  Notice I didn’t say the hunch was right.  It won’t always be correct, but it should help you.  Second, keep a dream journal.  Nothing fancy, can be a spiral notebook and a pen by your bedside.  Make sure you write down your dreams before you say anything in the morning.  As soon as you start speaking you start forgetting your dreams.  You want to include as much detail as you can, especially emotions and feelings.  Your subconscious thinks in symbols so don’t take your dreams at face value unless you start to notice that they are coming true as is (some people do have prophetic dreams).  These two exercises will help you tune into your higher guide and learn to listen and look for the help that’s been there all along.


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