Design your life based on how you want to feel.

What Is Desire Mapping?

Amazingness.  Discovering who you are, who you want to be, and a way to get you there!

We start with figuring out where you are.  What’s going right with your life?  What’s not?

Then we think about where we might like to go with our lives!  (maybe, we’ll see)

Then, we dive deep into our core and discover what the true feelings we want to feel every day.

By discovering how you want to feel making decisions becomes so much easier!  I’ll use me as an example.

In my lifestyle I want to feel enthusiastic!

In my body/health I want to feel free.

In my creativity/education I want to feel passionate.

In my relationships I want to feel connected.

In my spirituality I want to feel connected.

So if I’m looking at a choice for what to eat I just ask myself, “Which one of these choices will give me more of a free feeling in my body?” Or if I’m considering taking a class I ask myself, does this class or what I’ll learn from it bring out my passion?

It’s a pretty easy process and a super important step in the health coaching process.

Thank you Danielle LaPorte for creating such a valuable tool!


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The Last 100 lbs I'll Ever Lose

I am an LMT and a Health and Fitness Coach. I have 5 children. I've been overweight most of my adult life and am using my journey to help inspire others to take back their lives.

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