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Finding Joy for some is the meaning of life.  And what greater meaning would there be?!  The ability to find joy in every day tasks, obligations, and challenges can completely change someone’s life.

What joy is there to be found in doing laundry? (My personal Hell I’m constantly in with four children to take care of.)  If you actually sit down and are mindful about it, there’s quite a bit.  Look at how the clothes are worn.  Your kids are active and having fun, you have a job that keeps you busy and helps take care of you financially.  Your partner enjoys his hobbies.  Finding one of your favorite shirts reminds you of all the fun times you’ve had wearing it.  Every article of clothing tells a story about how you obtained it, the person’s life who wears it, and is proof that you have the ability to at least clothe yourself and your loved ones.  Plus, what feels better than finally getting to the bottom of the clean clothes basket and having everything put away?!

There are many things that finding joy will be near impossible for, at the very least you can try to find peace in your heart for those situations and look for comfort in other ways.

So when evaluating Joy, keep in mind it’s not just about doing things that bring you joy, but also the ability of finding joy in every day things.  Life is as amazing as you perceive it to be.  If you struggle with finding joy or making time to do things that bring you joy, it’s time to keep a Time Journal.  Track your habits in a time calendar and see where all your time goes.  What can you delegate out?  What can you stop doing all together?  Where can you multitask? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it’s important to make them count and find joy all throughout the day, every day.

Want to know more about doing a Time Journal?  Message me and set up a free one hour coaching session!  Let’s set it up and help you create the life you want!

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circle of life

You would think with me being a Health Coach that I mostly talked about nutrition; however, nutrition is pretty straight forward and is pretty simple once you understand some simple aspects.

First: the food and drinks you consume should help you feel better.  If something makes you feel sluggish, angry, tired, etc. then you should not be consuming it no matter how “healthy” everyone says it is.  Most likely you have an allergy or a sensitivity.

Second: nutrition isn’t complicated.  I promise.  You have your three Macro nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fats.  Then you have your Micro nutrients: all your vitamins and minerals.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat a balanced combination of foods that provide your recommended intake of your macros and micros.  It’s not super important that you hit your numbers every day (if you’re keen on tracking these things) as long as you average them throughout a relatively short time span.  Here’s a visual to help:


Looking at this plate you see that for most people vegetables and whole grains need to make up the majority of what you eat.  Keep in mind that protein isn’t just meats.  Here is an amazing site that thoroughly explains non meat sources of protein.  I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t eat meat, just offering up options.  Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.  Plus, getting protein from plant sources also increases your vitamins and minerals you consume because plants have more nutrition to offer than animals.  You’ll also notice that it includes fats and oils.  These can be a dipping sauce or dressing for veggies as well as whole foods.  It’s best to make the sauces yourself so they don’t have all the added bad ingredients we’re trying to avoid.  There are quite a few foods that can be included in fats and oils such as avocados, fish, walnuts, and flax seed.  Notice the drink isn’t milk, it’s water.  Staying hydrated is very very important for your body to function properly.  It’ll also help your body to digest your food properly and for your cells to assimilate the nutrients.  How much water should you be drinking?  Here are two articles that help explain the answer to that (I’ll also be answering that question in another post on another day). 1 2  The last thing I want you to notice is the wording along the edge of the plate.  That is a reminder that being healthy is more than what you consume.  The Circle of Life is very important to your health and to make the biggest impact you have to have balance in all areas.

No where on that plate is there highly refined and processed food.  That being said, I follow the 80/20 rule.  Do your best (not perfection) 80 % of the time.  Then 20 % of the time allow some “soul food”.  Life is meant to be enjoyed (remember Joy is one of the sections in the Circle of Life).  I have a cup of coffee every day.  The coffee isn’t bad, the creamer that has quite a bit of sugar in it is.  I also enjoy a single dark chocolate Dove candy every day (my “Daily Dove”).  Lastly, I eat breakfast at Denny’s with my family on Sunday mornings.  It’s a ritual we enjoy together and not one I’m going to be changing.  I don’t worry about what I eat Sunday mornings because why ruin my 20% time by stressing about what’s the healthiest choice?

So when evaluating your nutrition you need to ask yourself: Am I eating foods that make me feel good physically?  Am I consuming a variety of non processed foods so I get my micros  over the course of several days?  Am I allowing myself times where I consume “soul foods” without feeling guilty?  Pretty simple stuff.  Application of these concepts can be hard if you don’t understand cravings or you grew up eating mostly boxed meals and don’t know how to prepare and combine whole foods to create nutritious meals.

Having a health coach becomes very important when you’re working on your nutrition not because it’s a complicated subject but because it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not get the variety your body needs and because without a good understanding of how cravings work, sometimes willpower alone isn’t enough to work through unhealthy eating habits by yourself.  Take a moment to message me to schedule your free first coaching session!  Make sure you write down the questions you most want answered so you don’t forget before your appointment!

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circle of life

Do you jump out of bed every day because you are excited about your work?

Me neither.

I LOVE my work!  Both massage and coaching are true passions of mine and I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t do them.  I’m very lucky to have found a paying job doing what I love.  I didn’t realize that doesn’t happen very often.  So this section can be hard to rate.  Some people feel as long as they don’t hate their job and it provides enough for them to live off of that they rate it a 10.  :-/  Really?  That’s the best you can do for this life?  Work a job you don’t hate making enough to survive?  Really?

So let’s strip away the layers and determine what a 10 in Career would look like.

The easiest question to answer is: Do you hate your job?  If it’s a no, great!  Keep going, if you do hate your job, well, then you know your rating is going to be low and do you really need to evaluate anything else?  Does anything else matter if you dread going into work every day, you come home frustrated and depleted every day?  Is just paying your bills really enough to keep doing what you’re doing?

Next question: Do you like your job?  Yes?  Great!  How much?  What do you like about it specifically?  Now, do you love your job?  If this is a no but you still like your job, you can keep evaluating because a perspective shift may be all that’s needed to change like to love.

Does your job cover your basic expenses?  In other words, are you making enough to make ends meet?  If you find that you are consistently going further and further into debt you need to determine if that’s your spending habits or if you really aren’t making enough.  Ideally, how much money do you want to make a year?  Is this possible at your current job?

Now the $1,000 question: Does your job serve your life purpose?

Wait, what?

What does my career have to do with my life’s purpose?

Really?…  I mean, REALLY?!  You don’t see a connection?  Or maybe you do but you don’t see any feasible way of earning money playing video games… (you can btw).  Is playing video games really your life purpose?  I’m guessing not.  If you aren’t like me and you haven’t spent years working on personal development to find your inner light and figure out what sparks it, then you probably are about ready to tune out this particular blog.  Let me urge you to keep reading though.

Here are three articles that I think will give you a good stepping stone to figuring out something: 1 2   I particularly like #3 but it’s more my style.

My life purpose is to serve.  Not like a slave or a waitress.  I serve to inspire, to motivate, to guide, and to help.  My Love Language is Acts of Service as well.  So, this is how I feel loved (when the serving is reciprocated).  Not everyone’s purpose will line up with their Love Language, I just thought it was neat that mine does.

Your purpose will change and mature over time.  Things will become more clear, your particular “path” (if you will) will be easier to stay on with a greater understanding of living your life’s purpose.  This isn’t a spiritual thing for everyone.  I know plenty of secular people who still feel like they are “really good” at something and that’s their life’s purpose.

Once you understand what you’re really good at, what your passion is, and what your purpose is, evaluate your career and determine if it’s inline with that.  You might be surprised.  Sometimes during this enlightening research and evaluation you begin to see your job in a new light and can approach your job in a new way that gives it more meaning to you and turns “I like my job” into “I love my job”.  Sometimes you realize it’s no where near where you should be and it’s time to find something new.  (which is when having a coach is handy)


There really is a way to find a paying job doing something that serves your passion, makes you enough money, and makes this world a brighter, shinier place for you!

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circle of life

What does Creativity mean to you?  Do you imagine being able to draw, or create things, or arts and crafts?  What if you are the “arts and crafts” type?  Does that mean you don’t have any creativity?  Oh, how will you ever get a balance life if you can’t be crafty?!

Fear not!  Creativity has nothing to do with being artsy and crafty!  Well, it can, if that’s how you express yourself.  Creativity is your ability to confidently and effective express yourself in the things that you do.  When someone looks at something you’ve done (a project, a meal cooked, a household chore completed) there should be little clues that YOU did it.  Sometimes it’s only the people who really know us well that can pick up on them, and other times someone who’s just heard of you could be like, “Oh, right, Kimberley totally did THAT!”

So how do you gauge this section?  This is apart of your creativity as well.  Think about all the things you do on a daily basis.  How much of them have you tweaked or altered to fit your style and your needs?  Now think about how you felt when you tweaked them.  Did it make you uncomfortable?  Empowered? Apathetic?  Do you celebrate how you do things differently or do you try to hide it away so you seem more sheeple ish?

There’s one more things I’d like you to consider: how do you express your joy?  Creativity can be expressed in all areas of our lives, but I feel it’s most important in expressing our Joy!  When you are excited, happy, vibrant, full of life and energy, proud, etc how do you express it?  Are you confident in sharing those amazing emotions with others?  Do you feel like it makes others feel inferior or do you think it empowers them to express their own joy?  Think of that for a while if you feel the need to hide when you’re very excited about something.  Why?  Are the people you surround yourself with allowing you to express your creativity and encouraging you to live a better and better life?  Or do you feel like there’s jealousy, envy, and maybe frustration and anger towards your success?

Creativity is a neat section because once you understand how you can utilize it in your life it starts to feel almost like a game to incorporate it into the things you have to do that may not feel like fun.  If you feel like your creativity is blocked, you just don’t know where to go with it, feel free to message me and set up a time to do your free one hour Health Coaching session!

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Physical Activity

circle of life

This section covers more than just “do you exercise”.  Why is it important though?  Beyond the obvious, we’re meant to move because we’re not plants theory, what does being physically active really do for us?

Looking at the body you’ll see it needs to move.  If we don’t move enough our joints become rigid and ache, our muscles begin tightening up and atrophy, our connective tissue firms up and restricts movement more, our lymph fluid stops flowing and creates edema and a toxic environment, our blood begins to pool in our veins, and the list honestly keeps going when you start looking at secondary effects to our cells and our organs and other systems.

Emotionally and mentally many people will suffer from foggy brains, depression, apathy, anger, feelings of being overwhelmed, and more just from not moving enough.

A major problem with all these side effects is a body in motion remains in motion… and a body at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by another force.  That force is your mind.  Once we become sedentary it becomes increasingly harder and harder to start moving more.  Our body aches, our mind loses motivation, we just can’t imagine getting up and doing something.

So, when evaluating this section there are several things you need to take into consideration.  Look at your every day normal physical activity.  Do you have a sedentary job?  Do you park close or a little further away?  Do you take the stairs or elevator?  Do you drive everywhere or will you walk if it’s close enough?  Then, look at what you do extra for activity.  Do you have a regular workout program?  Do you go for walks?  Do any of your hobbies or recreations involve physical activities?  If you use a step counter do you at least hit 10,000 a day?  Next, how do you feel when you move?  Is your body in pain (for no other specific reason)? Do you feel stiff or are you sluggish to get moving?  Do you get tired quickly?  Is it a big mental strain to be active?  How well do you recover after physical activity?

If this is a section you struggle with message me to set up your free Health Coaching appointment.

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Social Life

circle of life

While getting a good rating in social life would seem like it would take you partying and going out all the time, that is fairly far from the truth.  Before we get into the “what” of Social Life, let’s address the “why”.  If you don’t understand why this is important you won’t be able to rate it accurately.

Being social has to do with how you interact with other people.  Humans by nature crave social contact (physical, mental, and emotional).  The human body fails to thrive without an appropriate amount.  What this means is that without an appropriate amount of social contact your body will stop functioning properly.  Your mind will struggle.  Your emotions will become unstable.  Thankfully, being social doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert or that you even have to go out to big events.

So what is being social?  It’s the ability to connect with others on some level.  It means that you feel camaraderie with your co-workers.  You are able to do simple small talk with strangers while standing in line.  You have people who you feel confident you can be vulnerable with and it would be ok.  It doesn’t have to be a bunch of people and you don’t have to be the kind of person who goes out of their way to talk with everyone around them.  You should feel fairly comfortable, though, being around people (even if it’s just one or two at a time) and find joy spending time with people you care about.

Think about your ideal amount of “people” time.  How often would you like to socially hang out with people you care about?  How well do you communicate with others vs how well would you like to?  Think about what kind of social life would recharge your batteries, make you feel connected, and bring joy to your life.  Then rate where you are at today!

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circle of life

After you read this sentence I want you to close your eyes and see how you feel; check in with your emotions, how is your mental state, what does your body feel like?

That’s your health.  It’s not some magical number on a scale or being in the “normal” range on all your lab work.  It’s not how few sick days you’ve taken, or how well you can work through feeling crappy.  Your health is about how you feel.

Obviously your doctor for the most part would disagree with me, and that’s ok.  When you’re with your doctor, talk about the other kind of health, when you’re with me, tell me how you feel.

All those numbers and tests are gauges to your health, though.  It’s true if your numbers are in line most of the time you’re going to feel healthy.  Not always though.  Since I’m a believer that life is meant to be lived and experienced and I feel like you can only really do that with your full heart if you feel healthy, then that’s what we’re going to talk about.

So what would be a 10 in health?  What quality of sleep do you want to get?  How energized throughout the day do you want to be?  How do you want your body to feel?  What is the best form of mental being you can be?  Do you feel your emotions, respond appropriately, and accept them for what they are?  (Emotions are important and should never be stuffed!)

Being healthy isn’t about always being happy.  It’s about having the ability to experience life fully without restrictions from your mind, emotional state, or body.  If you don’t allow yourself to fully feel your anger then you can’t process and work through situations and will get stuck in relationships.  If you don’t nourish your body properly it won’t function properly and you’ll not be able to perform tasks to get you through the day.  Without a good amount of sunlight, proper nutrition, hydration, and physical activity your mind will get sluggish or foggy and keep you from reaching your potential.

Your state of being healthy will be different from everyone else’s.  If you’re a diabetic it doesn’t discount you from reaching a 10 in this section.  As long as you take care of your situation and it only limits you the way it’s expected to limit you, then you’re golden.  If you have a mental disorder, we’ll take mine for example, I have Borderline Personality Disorder.  There are days (sometimes weeks and months) where I suffer anxiety, depression, withdraw, etc and I don’t feel well.  I would look at how am I treating myself?  Typically my symptoms are very manageable as long as I’m taking care of myself and doing the extra things that need to be done to manage my condition.  When I slip into a spot where my “normal” functioning isn’t optimal, I have to evaluate my health (how I feel) and determine what I’m not doing.  Sometimes, it’s just my BPD and I keep working through it.  My 10 varies from day to day on what’s included in it based off of what is possible for me to attain for that day.

Determine your 10 and figure out where you are today, right now.  This is a section that can evaluated frequently and works well with a personal journal.

Please message me with any questions if you are stuck in figuring out your special circumstances.  I’d be happy help.

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