Health Coaching Programs


Your sacred journey to health begins here.  Weight loss is not just about calories in vs calories out, meal planning, meal prepping, and exhausting fitness routines.  It’s time to shift your focus from deprivation and disgust to integration and love!

You didn’t get to this point simply because you ate too much and moved too little.  Health goes deeper than that and so will we during your coaching sessions.  I use a mind, body, spirit approach to create real health.  You will learn about true nutrition, not a fad diet.  You will explore and discover fun and exciting ways to move your body so you look forward to getting active.  Your spirituality is your center and will be honored during our journey together.  Together we will explore where you want to take your life and create an exciting path to get you there.

It’s time to get started!  This is not a destination I’m coaching you towards, but a journey that is your life time!

There are no pre-packaged programs here!  Everything is designed around you!  You decide how often we meet and how long you will commit to our coaching sessions.


Monthly – $120 Includes:

  • 2 one hour meetings a month (phone, Skype, or Zoom)
  • Weekly emails with personalized goal check list
  • Daily office hours for email and text contact
  • Additional phone/Skype/Zoom meeting $40

Program costs if paid in full:

  • 3 months – $10 off       $350
  • 6 months – $30 off       $690
  • 9 months – $50 off       $1,030
  • 12 months – $100 off   $1,340

Group Programs are 50 % off with 2-20 people per group.

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